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Joy began to take care of her own hairstyle in 2014. She realised that many people have little idea about choosing products appropriate to themselves, or even about the kind of product that should be used on their hair. In view of the lack of hair-advisory platforms, Joy started SWAG HAIR to recommend products that she tried and loved.

Joy believes that it requires more than the product itself to create the perfect hairstyle for anyone. It takes the cohesion between your style, the vision and technique of your hairstylist, and the application of products. First began as an online store, SWAG HAIR is now running its combination of shop, platform and media.



It was founded in 2016 together by Sisco, Martin and Kobe, three primary-school classmates. The brand story was told by a West German old man that one of the founders met when he travelled. In the conversation, it is known that the 70-year-old man was originally a cosmetics engineer, who wanted to produce men’s styling products when he was young. Unfortunately the war broke out, but he had been keeping the formula. After negotiation, we successfully purchased the formula and started the Luxignite brand. It took two years to prepare. The research and development, design and package are all the result of the joint efforts of our three founders. In 2018, we officially announced the official launch of Luxignite, starting journey of our ignite. We are grateful that you can embark on this endless journey with us.


hongkonghomebrew is the first handmade hair styling products brand in Hong Kong and we started research and development of our products in 2016. Our ingredients are carefully selected and imported from the US, while we refine our formulas going through tests repeatedly to achieve best results. We believe hair styling products should be made of what our bodies need. So you won’t find petroleum by-products in our ingredients as we don’t need it as machines does. While the local market is full of imported hair styling products which provides uncertain qualities, we aimed at promoting hongkonghomebrew to the world as a local brand that represents quality handmade hair styling products.

   what we truly value is not merely the ability to hold in one single day, but to focus on providing 24 hours rejuvenation by carefully selecting our ingredients that brings back the natural elasticity of our hair and make them even healthier.